Round-Up: All The News From Today’s First LEGO Dimensions Portal Gameplay

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Today during E3’s live coverage on YouTube with Geoff Keighley, the LEGO Dimensions team stopped by to show off the Portal world in LEGO Dimensions.

First off, they made it clear that you can access the Portal world with just the Starter Pack. The level pack (which includes the Chell mini figure and Turret) will just give you extra content.

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The Portal level of the game is about halfway through the main storyline.

If you are a Portal fan, you will be happy to learn that Wheatley and GLaDOS are making a reappearance in the LEGO Dimensions title!

The toypad is more than jut a base for your figures. It actually serves as a core gameplay function.

One function they showed off was a puzzle mechanic where you will need to move your figure to a certain colored portion of the base, in order to move through that portal/rift in the level.


The second new function, a scaling mode, has you move your figures up and down the section of the toybase to make the character larger or smaller in the game. Thus giving you access to smaller areas of the level.

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In addition, there is a new ‘Locate Keystone’ to find in the level that allows you to bring an item from a different world. In this demo, Homer Simpson on the wrecking ball was brought in to help smash some boxes to allow you to clear that section

Finally, if you are curious as to what the restrictions are for what figures you can use when, have no fear. You can use any figure, in any world, at anytime. There are no restrictions!

LEGO Dimensions comes out on September 27th.

Here is the full video for those that missed it.

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