More LEGO Dimension Pre-Orders Go Live (Portal, Jurassic World, Simpsons, & More)


Good news LEGO fans! More LEGO Dimensions packs have gone up for pre-order at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop,  and other retailers.

Level Pack

Team Pack

Fun Pack

Thankfully all are set for release AT LAUNCH! That’s right, all of that content will also be in the September 27th launch.

So here is the updated time frame for releases…

September 27th

  • LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack
  • Back to the Future Level Pack
  • Portal Level Pack
  • Simpsons Level Pack
  • Jurassic Park Team Pack
  • Scooby Doo Team Pack
  • Bart Simpson Fun Pack
  • Bad Cop Fun Pack
  • Cragger Fun Pack
  • Crusty Clown Fun Pack
  • Cyborg Fun Pack
  • Emmet Fun Pack
  • Eris Fun Pack
  • Gimli Fun Pack
  • Gollum Fun Pack
  • Laval Fun Pack
  • Legolas Fun Pack
  • Nya Fun Pack
  • Wonder Woman Fun Pack
  • Zane Fun Pack

November 3rd

  • Ninjago Team Pack
  • Unikitty Fun Pack

January 19th

  • DC Comics Team Pack
  • Doc Brown Fun Pack
  • Sensei Wu Fun Pack

March 31st

  • Aquaman Fun Pack
  • Superman Fun Pack

May 31st

  • Bane Fun Pack
  • Lloyd Fun Pack


Thanks to DimensionsCharacterList for the heads up!

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