REPORT: Harry Potter And Other Franchises Leaked For LEGO Dimensions “2”?


So put this into the craziest leak ever in the ‘Toys-To-Life’  franchises.

Paperballpark at the BrickSet forums posted the LEGO pack numbers for some future LEGO Dimension packs. At the moment have placeholder names, so we don’t know exactly what’s coming. But still, it’s incredible to think we may know the packs for LEGO Dimensions “2” (or whatever the end up calling future pack releases) before the first game is even out.

Here is the pack breakdown…

71242 GB 1
71243 HP 1
71244 S1
71245 AT 1
71246 AT 2
71247 HP 2
71248 MI
71249 AT 3
71250 GB 2
71251 Mr T
71252 KR
71253 FB 1
71254 TTG 1
71255 TTG 2
71256 GR 1
71257 FB 2
71258 ET 1
71259 Connectable 1
71260 Connectable 2
71261 Connectable 3
71262 Connectable 4
71263 Connectable 5

So what all does this mean?

Each abbreviation could stand for a specific franchise. Here is the current going speculation…

AT = A-Team or Adventure time

ET = E.T.

FB = Fantastic Beasts

GB = Ghost Busters or Goosebumps

GR = Galactic Republic?! (JK… GR, no idea)

HP = Harry Potter

KR = Knight Rider

MI = Mission Impossible

Mr T = Mr. T (from A-Team)

S =Simpsons

TTG = Teen Titans Go

The connectable at the end probably mean Level Pack if I had to guess.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Matthew Fieldhouse

    In some ways I would like Teen Titans Go for the figures aslongth the gameplay is nothing like the show. This definitley isn’t as much of a ‘kids’ game as the other ones.

    • I play Disney Infinity and I’m practically an adult, I just think it’s funny that you said that the game made out of Legos isn’t as much as a ‘kids’ game… like fr that is as ‘kids’ as you can get, i personally think.

  • Niktendo

    Awww, no John Wick? XD

  • Colin Tosh

    I’m surprised they aren’t already doing Harry Potter and Looney Tunes. Considering Warner Bros is making the game I expected them to throw all their big wigs right away.

  • Raul Cotto

    No joke I’m hoping for a WWE, Power Rangers or Matrix pack!

    • TheEAB

      WWE? Would convert from Infinity to Lego Dimensions for a little Brock Lesnar minifig!

      • Raul Cotto

        Totally! Haha

  • Dann ‘Shinigami’ Allcorn

    If they do Knight Rider that would be awesome. Plus now Nexo Knights have been announced i wouldnt be surprised if they turn up to.

  • The_Eternal_Dalek

    They are going to call it “Series 2” with the current ones being “Series 1” and that will presumably continue in future. Means they can just patch in the new characters and levels rather than release a whole new game every time new releases come out.

  • Matthew Coleman

    I think GR 1 could be Generator Rex. If it is, I will be ultimately thrilled!
    I heard Mega Bloks was supposed to make Generator Rex construction sets, but I think their contract and toy line both got cancelled. I hope to see Rex Salazar and the evil Van Kleiss as LEGO minifigures!
    Cartoon Network and WB are both owned by the same company, you know.

  • Lena N

    I bet MI is actually Minecraft, it has a lot of Lego sets, seems a shoe in for Lego dimensions.

  • Robert Hill Click the link and it opens up the Lego Dimensions product page which can only mean we WILL be getting Lego Harry Potter soon because why else would they have created a product page that can be accessed by adding /HarryPotter to the end of the product page URL?

  • Ben Bates

    ttg could simply stand for TtG, which is the company that makes these games… Maybe custom characters, or some other characters in their arsenal…

    • Paul Parker

      Ttgames own characters probably will be Lord Vortech 🙂

    • Martyn Giles

      I was thinking that TtG may be Tell tale games…

  • Sammie Elestial
    • Disney so definitely no. Already done in the now killed Disney Infinity.

  • Sammie Elestial

    I’d like to see Star Trek, stargate, 3 musketeers, and elder scrolls – there could be a Nordic, Breton, argonian, etc.., I took an arrow to my knee… Lion/witch/wardrobe, sonic, Alex Kidd, and a raft of other sega tributes.

  • Gluff

    I’d be pretty upset if TTG would be Teen Titans Go!. I’m not a hater or anything but I would much rather prefer the original Teen Titans show any day of the week.

  • I think that the TTG is obviously teen titans go.

  • Kevin

    Actually, now that DI is all but dead, Disney is still going to want to keep a foothold in the Toys-2-Life market, and by leveraging the already existing licensing agreement between themselves and TLG, there would be a mutual win-win here.