Your Complete LEGO Dimensions Launch Guide (Plus Parents Guide!)


LEGO Dimensions launches in North America on Sunday, September 27th. So to get you ready for launch, I’ve compiled a launch guide that should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

The guide is broken up into sections…

  • General FAQ
  • Expansion Pack Release Guide
  • Launch Week Sales


Are there are restrictions to which figures I can use?

Absolutely not. This is my favorite question to answer. You can use any figure, with any figure or gadget, in any level, at anytime. There are no rules. No coins to collect, no story ‘canon’ to worry about. Just have fun.

Want to play as batman, driving the mystery machine, while driving the streets of Springfield? Have at it.

What is included with the Starter Pack?

In the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for $100 you get the lego toy pad, the software disc, and 269 LEGO pieces that gives you three figures and the batmobile.

Do I need to purchase the Starter Pack?

Yes. There is no way to purchase the toy pad separately. On the bright side, although it is $100. LEGO has promised that this will be the only Starter Pack you will ever need to purchase. They will continue to update the game, but your current toy pad will work for years to come. I’m sure LEGO will continue to make new Starter Packs each year, but you do not need to purchase a new one each year.

The Toy Pad allows for seven items. It can be a combination of figures, vehicles, and gadgets. You can play as seven Batman figures if you so desire.

Is there multiplayer?

There is 2-player local co-op that is fully drop-in and out. So someone can join you and leave at any time without affecting your game.

If a friend comes over and brings their toys, they can play with whomever they bring over without restriction.

Is internet required to play the game?

Yes and no. You don’t need to be connected at all times to play the game, but you will need to download updates for certain parts of the game to work. There is a 4-7GB day 1 update for the Game (size depending on console) that enables all the extra content. If you don’t download the update, you will only be able to play the main game and the three adventure worlds that are included with the game. So if you try to play any extra level pack, or access any other adventure worlds… it’s not going to work.

This is also how LEGO is able to continue to update the game with just a single starter pack. With requiring internet connection, LEGO can continue to update the game without requiring you to buy a starter pack.

Are these real LEGO pieces?

Absolutely yes! They are fully detachable from their bases. In fact you have to get to build them in the real world, just as you would putting together a LEGO set.

In fact, you can play the game with just the blue toy tag bases if you want. But obviously it’s more fun to actually attach each figure to the base and move them around

Does the toy pad influence gameplay?

That’s an understatement. For the first time in any of the previous Toys-To-Life styles of games, the portal (or toy pad in this game) plays a crucial role in the game.

In order to complete various puzzles, advance through each level, and accomplish other tasks you will need to move your figure to different parts of the portal.

To be honest, the easiest way to explain this might be this video done by the LEGO Dimensions team.

What kind of expansion packs are available?

There are 3 expansion packs (or just packs) available. Fun Packs, Team Packs and Level Packs

— Fun Packs include one figure and one vehicle or gadget (Retail for $14.99)

— Team Packs include two figures and two vehicles or gadgets (Retail for $24.99)

— Level Packs include one figure, one gadget, and one vehicle. These also unlock an additional level based on that franchise (Retail for $29.99)

Each vehicle and gadget can be ‘rebuilt’ three different ways. You don’t have to physically rebuild it in the real world. But in the game each vehicle or gadget can be remodeled to form different iterations.

How long are level packs?

This is the main question people are asking. Unfortunately it still isn’t clear. The most common answer seems to be 30-60 minutes for an average player.

These level packs include an extra level based on that franchise. The levels are an extra scripted gameplay mission(s) similar to the ones you would play in the main story line.

Some may make the argument “so I’m paying $35 for an extra 30-60 minutes of gameplay?” and that’s not a real true criticism.  Remember you are also getting a figure, vehicle, and a gadget. Pricing based on the fun and team pack pricing, each item is worth $6.25-$6.5. So really it may be $10 you are are paying for that content.

In addition to the game play, you also get 3 extra achievements or trophies for each level pack.

Plus if you don’t have any other figures from that franchise yet, that also unlocks an adventure world.

What are the Adventure Worlds?

Adventure Worlds are similar to hub worlds in previous LEGO games. These Adventure Worlds are essentially open worlds for you to explore based on each franchise. And there is one for each of the fourteen franchises in LEGO Dimensions.

These Adventure Worlds contain races, studs to locate, and many other things to discover.

To enter an adventure world, you just need one figure from that franchise. Once inside the Adventure World, you can use any figure from any franchise as you wish.


Expansion Pack Release Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: Toys ‘R’ Us has two exclusives (the only retailer to have any exclusives). Toys ‘R’ Us has a ‘timed’ exclusive on the Laval Fun Pack at launch. It will be available at all retailers starting November 3rd. Toys ‘R’ Us looks to have a permanent exclusive of the Jay Fun Pack, which is available at launch.

The three packs available (Fun, Team, and Level) are based on the following franchises…

  • Back to the Future
  • DC Comics
  • Doctor Who
  • Ghostbusters
  • Jurassic World
  • Legends of Chima
  • The LEGO Movie
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Midway Arcade
  • Ninjago
  • Portal
  • Scooby Doo
  • The Simpsons
  • The Wizard of Oz

In total there are 37 packs being released

  • 6 Level Packs
  • 4 Team Packs
  • 27 fun Packs

Here is the release guide / wave breakdown…

Wave 1 — September 27th, 2015

Level Packs:

Team Packs:

Fun Packs:

Wave 2 — November 3rd, 2015

Level Packs:

Team Packs:

Fun Packs:


Wave 3 — January 19, 2016

Level Packs:

Team Packs:

Fun Packs:


Wave 4 — March 15, 2016

Level Pack:

Team Packs: 


Fun Packs:


Wave 5 — May 10th, 2016

Level Packs:


Team Packs:


Fun Packs:



Launch Week Sales

Unfortunately there are not many sales for the launch of LEGO Dimensions.

There has been a fear that LEGO Dimensions may face the same lack of sales that regular LEGO sets deal with. And hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.

The only advertised sale for LEGO Dimensions is at Toys ‘R’ Us…

  • Free $10 Giftcard with your Lego Dimensions Fun, Level or Team pack purchase of $35 or more**†
  • Free $10 Giftcard when you buy ANY Lego Dimensions Starter Pack**†

**Offer available in store only. Promotional Gift Card valid beginning 6 hours after activation and expires 1/30/16, except where prohibited. Limit one Promotional Gift Card per customer. See card for Terms & Conditions

†Limit 1 per guest. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked membership discount does apply to the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack and all the packs. So you will save 20% off everyday at Best Buy on your LEGO Dimensions purchases.

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