Will Marvel Be Coming To LEGO Dimensions? Here’s What Was Said At NYCC


It’s a debate that will go on for a while, will Disney Properties (Marvel, Star Wars, Pirates, etc) ever come to LEGO Dimensions? Well today at NYCC we heard from two people who gave us a peek inside where it stands right now, specifically Marvel.

Arthur Parson (Game Director at TT Games), Mike Jones (Executive Producer at Marvel Games), and Bill Rosemann (Creative Director at Marvel Games) were asked during Q&A at the LEGO Marvel Avengers panel if that franchise will ever make it to the LEGO Dimensions games and here is what they said.

Mike Jones: “Obviously, LEGO Dimensions is fantastic. For the last year, we’ve been focused on telling our LEGO Marvel Avengers stories. So we haven’t thought much about it, and honestly didn’t know Dimensions until it was announced and you guys knew about it. They don’t tell us everything by the way. We think there is some awesome stuff going on there. At the same time, if you guys have played Disney Infinity, that’s where we are mashing up Marvel characters with Disney and Pixar. Star Wars just got added in 3.0. So we’re having fun with the cross-over IP mashup and focused on telling our own LEGO Marvel stories with Arthur and the team. So that’s kind of as far as we’ve thought.

Arthur Parsons: “From a TT stand point, never say never.


We have a leaked list of what are some potential future releases for LEGO Dimensions next fall. Obviously any Marvel franchise is missing from that list.

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