DEAL: All LEGO Dimension Packs Nearly 50% Off Next Week At Target! (UPDATE: Target Ruined The Fun)


UPDATE 12/10: Target has ruined the fun. They have changed the date of their cartwheel to now expire on 12/12 (this Saturday), thus not allowing a stack of coupons. Boo on you Target. Boo on you.



Original Story:

All those complaints that LEGO Dimensions is never on sale? Get ready to throw that information out the window. We finally have a major sale on LEGO Dimension packs!

Next week Target will be offering 25% off ALL Lego Dimension packs, as featured in their weekly ad.

But in addition to that advertised sale, Target currently has a Cartwheel coupon giving you 25% off all packs as well. Best part? That cartwheel doesn’t expire until 12/15.

So next Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday you can stack these savings together to get nearly 50% off all LEGO Dimension Packs.

Here are the savings…

  • Fun Packs $14.99… now $8.43
  • Team Packs $24.99… now $14.06
  • Level Packs $29.99… now $16.87


25% off is a great sale, but stack the cartwheel? Phenomenal deal.

If you don’t have the Starter Pack yet, the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack will be on sale for $69.99 as well next week at Target.

Some things to remember…

  1. The combo deal is only valid on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
  2. The 25% off Cartwheel coupon is only valid in-stores
  3. You can only each specific cartwheel coupon 4 times in a single transaction, but can use your cartwheel discount up to 6 different transactions per day.
    1. So if you want to get 6 packs, you’ll need to check out twice. 12 packs you would have to check out three times.

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