DEAL: LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for Wii U & Xbox 360 for $47! (Plus Save $5/$10 on ALL Figure Packs!)


Still looking on picking up a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack? Right now Amazon has them for WiiU/360 for $47! PLUS don’t forget the $5/$10 off ALL figure pack sale!

Right now Amazon lists the Wii U and Xbox 360 Starter Pack for LEGO Dimensions for only $57, but with their $10 off all Team/Level/Starter Pack sale that brings the price down to… $47! That’s more than 50% off!

You must add it to your cart and go the whole way to the final check out screen before you see the discount! (I magically edited the page listing image for dramatic effect).

PLUS don’t forget you can save $5 on ALL fun packs, and $10 on ALL team and Level packs. Including pre-orders!

If a pack you want is out of stock, go to the side of page under ‘Other Sellers’ and you should be able to place an order on ‘back order’ and receieve it at the discounted rate when Amazon gets another shipment!

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Thanks to Brian Spain for sending me the tip!

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