RUMOR: Supergirl and Green Arrow on Their Way to LEGO Dimensions?


Some interesting developments have been happening for LEGO Dimensions in the past few days (and what a joy that is to have something to talk about!)

Two different pieces of evidence have appeared giving us a hint at some new possible LEGO Dimension figures: Supergirl and Green Arrow.

First off, evidence popped up on Reddit showing some in-game images of Supergirl and Green Arrow, but nothing shared beyond that.

It appears to have been unlocked using an NFC generator device and using their specific figure codes. It has been confirmed through a couple of people, but no more “hard” evidence has been published.

Until today, when some users were able to find the Supergirl minifigure pieces on the LEGO Support website.

If you head to the LEGO Support website, and type in any of the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack Set Numbers (71171, 71170, etc). you will see the Supergirl hair, head, cape, body, and legs LEGO pieces.

Not sure why they show up in that search. Wyldstyle, Batman, and Gandalf still appear.

Could this be a special summer release? Part of a Starter Pack re-release? Or just old sets that are now starting to resurface. Who knows!

Don’t forget, going by the LEGO Dimensions pack set numbers (starting with #71201 Back To The Future Level Pack all the way through #71241 Slimer Fun Pack), we’re still missing 4 packs.

#71208, #71224, #71225, and #71226.

#71208 is grouped in with the Team Packs while #71224, #71225, and #71226 all appear in the Fun Pack area.

Those could have all been cancelled releases though, but it does make for a great topic of discussion!

What do you think of all of this?

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