FIRST LOOK: LEGO Dimensions Supergirl building instructions; Pointing To Exclusive Promotion?

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The mystery of the Supergirl LEGO Dimensions pack continues to grow, but we now have the official building instructions for the character…

… and perhaps it’s pointing to a promotion?

LEGO uploaded the official building instructions for the LEGO Dimensions Supergirl figure on their website (PDF), and you will notice a couple of oddities.

  • The base is gold. Not the standard blue, but gold.
  • The instructions seems small (both in length and in actual size).
  • There is nothing else… just the minifigure instructions.

With E3 coming up, is this going to be an exclusive giveaway to the media? Will it be handed out at Toys”R”Us? Who knows!

It does appear to be for something rather than a retail release, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Brickset (Thanks @VG_figures)

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  • Mark Leveillee

    Maybe it’s like skylanders with different color bases each year

  • Dizstractzhun

    I hope it is not an E3 exclusive.
    As a collector, I didn’t buy Skylanders or Disney Infinity due to exclusive figures I knew I could not get, so I waited till now to start buying Dimensions to make sure this did not happen.
    I will be mega pissed off if this happens.

    • YoshiAngemon

      If it is, then chances are, it’ll probably be worth HALF as much as the King Mickey Power Disc.Besides, Warner Bros. is NOT Disney, and even if we were to get Looney Tunes characters in the sequel, if we got Disney Characters as well, it would only be for a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Level Pack. Alternatively, it could be a LEGO Store Exclusive, at a special event, or even a Free Comic Book Day Exclusive. If anything Disney we should get, it might as well be the NON-Disney Infinity Properties: Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool.

      • Chump

        You are making no sense at all.

        • YoshiAngemon

          I get that a lot. What I mean is that when Disney makes things limited, scalpers take advantage, and cause everyone to fight over it. LEGO actually can mass produce more LEGO Dimensions figures. We might see a COMMON Supergirl and Green Arrow Team Pack, with vehicles put out in the future.

  • notsosmartguy

    I hope it’s not exclusive. I would love a Supergirl figure. Especially since I am a fan of the show.