WIN: LEGO Dimensions Wave 5 Fun Packs (Slimer, Bane, and Llloyd)!


May 10th marks the release of the final (known so far) wave for LEGO Dimensions, so here is your chance to win that entire wave!

On that day you can pick up the following three packs…

If you want to have a chance to win these three packs, simply enter via the widget below. It’s open to anyone worldwide!

Have issues with the widget? You can go directly to the giveaway page as well.


LEGO Dimensions Wave 5 Fun Packs

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  • dmu_girl-2008

    I am most excited about slimer he seems like crazy fun.

  • TomAuton

    I’m crossing my fingers!

  • Patrick Oakes

    Cool…want to win so bad!

  • Jennifer Raybon


  • Matthew Leonard

    So excited for Slimer

  • Ash

    Such an awesome giveaway! We can’t wait to play as slimer ♡♡

  • guiseppi

    Looking forward to Slimer!

  • John Guerrero

    Slimer because I need all things Ghostbusters and he’ll be great to play while I’m sipping my Hi-C Ecto-cooler this summer.

  • FatmanOSU


  • Jeena Bittenbender

    Slimer is going to be exciting!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Cornelia Kuti Curry

    I’m so excited to play with Slimer! I need him to get a gold brick I still need and plus, I love Ghostbusters!

  • John Dunne

    My son loves lego dimensions – he’s 4 and doesnt have a clue what they really are but still loves them 🙂

  • carnold

    Can’t wait for Slimer! I predict he will be my favorite character, hands down!

  • Daniel Yerkes

    I’m excited for Bane and Lloyd, but mostly Lloyd.

  • Ebakthecat

    Bane and Slimer for me, although Slimer edges ahead from being a bit more unique than Bane, cannot wait!

  • Travis Weaver

    I’m most excited to pick up Slimer!

  • Jimmy Li

    Love the animated series mask, can’t wait for bane

  • Bill the Lizard

    Never played lego dimensions. I’m not sure if my wallet can handle another toys to life games but I love that they have ghostbusters.

  • Pablo Gallego

    I want them all! Slimer looks great as a LEGO Minifig and Bane looks crazy, not to forget golden Lloyd!! All amzing and great for the LEGO Dimensions collection!

  • Farva5

    Definitely want to grab Slimer. I’m a big Ghostbusters fan

  • Bobo

    Slimer is so cool!!

  • BowserJr.Dood

    I would love me some Lloyd, I was a big Ninjago fan back when it started up.

  • Daniel lopez

    I can’t wait for the slimer

  • YoshiAngemon

    This month, I kinda promised myself that I would get the Ninjago Collection (Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya, and Sensei Wu, and Lloyd). Winning Lloyd would be a huge moneysaver for me!

  • Joseph Messer

    Slimer is gonna be fun

  • Nathanael Cole

    Lloyd Garmadon

  • edc


  • Darth_Raww

    Looking forward to adding Slimer to torment the guys!

  • Anny Banouvong


  • Christopher Milligan

    my sons love when we get new stuff for lego dimensions

  • April

    Been looking forward to slimer since the beginning

  • Tammy Iler

    Slimer all the way!

  • YoshiAngemon

    I recently found that Jay is a TRU Exclusive. I got Lloyd’s Friends, now I need the Golden Ninja himself.

  • MBB Three

    I’m most excited for Lloyd, as I’ve been waiting to get the Golden Ninja for a while, but Bane and Slimer look cool as well!

  • regina elliott

    Lloyd Garmadon is awsome

  • TJ Donahue

    Have waited so long for that little green ghost!!

  • Eli

    I can’t wait to get these, and to see what the future of Lego Dimensions has in store for us!

  • WestersaurusNXT

    Extremely excited for Slimer! Ghostbusters is one of my all time favorite franchises!

  • BeRad

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway! My 7 yo daughter is a LEGO fanatic and has this on her wish list (and I would appreciate it as well)

  • John Bernardo

    God damn I love lego dimensions!

  • Aser Molina

    Now that Lego Dimensions is coming to Spain on September, I can’t wait to get my hands on all the figures ^_^

  • richard kerr

    bane because he’s always one of my favs to play as in lego games

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    I think Slimer for sure!

  • Raul Cotto

    finally Slimer!!!!