REPORT: Sonic Is Coming To LEGO Dimensions, Plus Confirming “KR” Is Coming


It’s been a rumor since we’ve had the ‘leaked’ set list for the next series of LEGO Dimensions, and once again shows how vast the LEGO brand can be.

Sonic is coming to LEGO Dimensions!

Quick recap of the Sonic rumor

Remember WAY back in September there was a list of LEGO Dimensions “Series 2” set names with code words?

One was labeled as “S”, with some even thinking it could mean Sonic.

When the news broke, one LEGO insider (Just2Good) commented saying “Hmmm S1, could that be Sonic?”, but then edited it to just say “That looks interesting”.

Now on Tuesday, famous LEGO insider CM4Sci commented on EuroBricks with two posts. One just flat out saying “Sonic’s coming !”, then a couple of minutes later replied again, “I also know for a fact Sonic is in if that confirms anything”.

Within the LEGO community, CM4Sci’s word is about as good as it comes. So it’s time to get excited LEGO Dimensions fans!

But wait, there’s more!

But that’s not all CM4Sci said, he also touched on the “KR” set saying, “KR is pretty dumb and I don’t see why they need to include it but :shrug_oh_well:“.

What is KR? We don’t know at this point.

KR has been widely speculated to be “Knight Rider”, which obviously you could see some people not be overly excited about.

But I think Knight Rider screams LEGO, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Now that the “S” and the “KR” sets seem to have been confirmed, it adds even more legitimacy to that leaked set list.

So what is confirmed so far for Series 2?

Sonic is now the third character we have some sort of evidence for LEGO Dimensions Series 2

A few weeks ago we first learned of Super Girl and Green Arrow in the latest update for LEGO Dimensions.

Super Girl we’ve seen the pieces show up on LEGO Support, as well as the official building instructions.

Green Arrow we’ve seen in two separate videos, but nothing beyond that.

Source: EuroBricks, YouTube Image

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  • Mr. X

    Way cool! Love Sonic, and it would be really awesome if Knight Rider indeed did come. Fingers crossed.

    • Ben H

      Since KITT already made an appearance in the game, it seems pretty likely. I’m hoping that means more animated sets too like The Jetsons and The Flintstones.

      • TheEAB

        I’d like a Fred Flintstone minifigure…

        • Patrick Ramsey

          Imagine an Open World Bedrock! That would be so cool! 😀

  • Argonzo

    Knight Rider would be awesome. Hope it happens. (only if KITT is voiced by Williams Daniels, though)

  • Pablo Gallego

    The thing is that having these worlds kind of out of the Blue with now story follow up does feel a bit lost. They would all be Level Packs and investing in those at the moment don’t seem TOO fun hahaha

  • YoshiAngemon

    Well, it’s not like it’ll be Sonic Boom, or maybe NOT Sonic at all, but perhaps SpongeBob Squarepants, or because it’s part of 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks’ Shrek.

    • Naruffy-Kun

      Lego no longer owns Spongebob, and I doubt Shrek would be in as it’s old and unpopular with today’s generation. Sonic would be cool, just like Portal, there was a rejected CUUSOO project relating to Sonic, so it would be pretty cool especially with the head/hat/hair molds

      • Chump

        You just said Shrek is unpopular with this generation. Do you hear yourself? The latest Shrek movie was only a few years ago.

    • Alex

      Dreamworks is own by NBCUniversal so there could be a chance Shrek could join along with Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians, Monsters Vs. Aliens, etc.

      • YoshiAngemon

        What about Dreamworks Animation? The stuff that studio produces is distributed by 20th Century FOX.

        • Alex

          Dreamworks Animation is own by NBCUniversal.

  • Blazingsonic

    O_O SONIC?!!!! *Kicks the dying Disney Infinity series over* Looks like my childhood is getting a revisit to Lego Town!

    • Thanks for that. A bunch. :/

      • Blazingsonic

        Not really seeing the context of your response? How has my personal feelings behind my comment effected you?

        • Beside you obviously being biased to Sonic, not everyone can easily joke about a game they have spent so much money time and interest in going to waste. All I really meant.

          • Blazingsonic

            Oh like I wasn’t effected? I have bought the figures, Version 1,2 and 3 for more than one of my consoles and suddenly Disney wants to pull the friggin plug? And Lego not only offers set from movies and shows I grew up with but bringing in my favorite characters, AND I can play them in any world I want? Did Disney Infinity let us play with Elsa in the Marvel play sets? No, did they let us take the Incredibles into space to fight the empire? No, Lego Dimension even did Wreck it Ralph better than them and that was with the Midway pack, So yeah I’m kicking Disney to the curb for screwing us and their only way to make it up for us is friggin Dory? They’re not even going to finish the year!, Why should support a company that won’t support it’s fans?

  • Patrick Ramsey

    hmm…. Sonic + Lego = Two of my favorite things combined…… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patrick Ramsey

      Not to mention this would imply an Open World Sonic area! Probably Green Hill Zone, Angel Island, maybe Station Square or the Death Egg….

  • Justworking247365

    You what is funny about this news? This will be a better Sonic game then all of the other crap fans were given after Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Generations, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Colors lol.