SPOTTED: LEGO Dimensions “Limited Edition” Green Arrow Polybag (#71342)


The great mystery of the Supergirl and Green Arrow LEGO Dimensions figures/characters got another layer added to it today.

We knew the Green Arrow minifigure was going to be released in a polybag in some form, but today we got pictures of the actual bag itself.

The pack was spotted on a German ebay page, and show off the front and back of #71342 Green Arrow, with a limited edition banner across the bottom.


$_57 (1)

Still no word how the LEGO group plans on releasing these figures, but evidence continues to point to an early release at E3, GamesCom, etc.

With the label “limited edition” on the Green Arrow bag, alongside the gold base, it makes it seem like this will be a timed exclusive. So, my guess is that these will be released later on (minus the gold bases).

Hopefully we’ll get the mystery sold in the next couple of weeks!

If you haven’t seen before, here is all the information we know about the Supergirl release as well.

Source: TTVPodcast, via Reddit

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  • YoshiAngemon

    Guess we might get a Team Pack with Green Arrow, his Arrow Car, Supergirl, and whatever item would be perfect for her, in the future.

  • Nathan Pinkman

    Can I note that the back shows a gold/orange vehicle base. Now, for sure there’s no vehicle in there, but that leads me to believe that the base colors will be changed for Year 2.

  • Dizstractzhun

    The different colour base might just be for promo figures.

    • Nathan Pinkman

      Might, but the vehicle base on the back is orange/gold, too, and no promo figs have vehicles/gadgets.

  • Mark Borton

    Gold bases seem to indicate Year 2 Lego Dimensions looking at the MR T, New Ghostbusters, Mission Impossible and Adventure Time packs, So limited might mean E3 window only for these figures…