FIRST LOOK: Supergirl LEGO Dimensions Polybag is… exclusive?


We’ve seen the Green Arrow LEGO Dimensions Polybag which featured the words “Limited Edition”, leading many to think it was a timed exclusive/variant at E3.

Now an image of the Supergirl Polybag has surfaced, but this one has the words “Exclusive”.

This still could mean that something about this figure is exclusive (the gold base, packaging, etc.), but it is interesting to see the use of a different word.


LEGO Dimensions has been announced as a featured game at the new “E3 Live” event, which is open to the public the week of the standard E3 Expo.

After seeing that announcement, I theorized that one could be available at each event.

E3 is just a few weeks away, so hopefully we get some clearer information soon!

If you haven’t been able to keep up with all the recent information, be sure to check out all my previous posts on the Supergirl and Green Arrow mystery.

SOURCE: Ebay UK (thanks for the heads up Jared Morison!)

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  • YoshiAngemon

    Let’s hope that both will be available to the public for a relatively cheap price. Otherwise, I’ll just settle for being satisfied with owning both Legolas and Superman.

    • Matthew Fieldhouse

      Probably only on ebay for ridiculous prices, see Legos other SDCC exclusive sets, terrible.

  • Kyle L

    My guess is gold base is E3 giveaway and then they will release a normal version to public.

    • YoshiAngemon

      With a Red Lantern Vehicle?

  • Mark Borton

    Gold base is now confirmed as Year 2 lego dimensions, i suspect that “Exclusive” is e3 only for this figure unless she is getting shoehorned into a teen titans pack down the line.

    Green arrow may just be limited