GIVEAWAY: Win the LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack #71242

Win-Ghostbusters-LEGO-DimensionsNew LEGO Dimensions products mean one thing… it’s time to start a new round of giveaways!

Put up a vote on twitter and people have spoken… up first is set #71242 LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack!

The pack is available for pre-order at Amazon for $49.99 (20% off if you have Amazon Prime).

BUT.. .here is your chance to win the pre-order, without having to purchase it yourself!

Enter to win via the giveaway widget below, or you can head directly to the giveaway page if needed.

Don’t forget to come back each day as there are some methods that allow you to enter multiple times!

Good luck!

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Story Pack

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  • The T

    “What other franchise beyond Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts do you hope gets a Story Pack?”

    Really, just, Sonic.

  • Mr. E Anonymoose

    I predicted the $50 price point on this story pack. I was right.

    I also made predictions back in January. The only ones I got right were Lego City Undercover and Harry Potter.

    Who DIDNT predict Harry Potter, amirite?

  • Matt Stein

    Can’t wait to see more story packs

  • sporeboy100

    We need a sonic story pack

  • Patrick Oakes

    Want this so baad!!

  • Connor Olin

    i want looney tunes and thanks for giveaway

  • Daniel Yerkes

    I’m most excited for the Teen Titans GO and LEGO City Undercover franchises.

  • Cpinkman

    How generous of you!

  • YoshiAngemon

    I’m actually excited for Sonic the Hedgehog, and like it or not, I might as well try my hand at SFM and GMOD to import Sticks the Badger into the workshop on Steam, so a friend of mine can use her to attack Shadow. He’s a GUN Agent, and Sticks hates Government Agents.

  • carter neef

    im so hyped

  • ScarecrowJC

    I think the next thing to get a “Story Mode” pack will be The Lego Batman Movie, however I would love to see one for Lego City Undercover!

    • Nik Davies

      I definitely want one for LCU, seeing as we’ll probably never get a sequel to the game, 6 extra levels I could consider DLC sounds great to me.

  • MBB Three

    I’m so hyyyyyyyyped!!!!
    The franchises that I’m most excited for are Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Fantastic Beasts, and the Lego Batman Movie because I want to see how the two Batmans react to one another (like at the beginning of the game). 😛

    • Nik Davies

      Well The LEGO Batman Movie is being represented, don’t know how, buy I reckon a Story Pack would be the most likely. Could build a Batcave around the base and most of the characters needed would already be released, minus the likes of Green Lantern and the Flash.

  • richard kerr

    after getting a ps4 and knowing i’ll be able to get E.T gizmo and sonic in the same game soon? everything is awesome!
    I’d also love to see the lego ninjago or lego batman movies get a story pack in the future

  • Riley Key

    I bet the FB story pack means to no solo game for it.

  • Matthew Leonard

    Looks like some fun stuff coming out.

  • James Irish

    Would love to win this sucker.

  • Ash

    So excited for the new sets and can’t wait to see what else comes. Would definitely love to win and here’s hoping ♡♡

  • Belle Aimee

    So excited I decided to try Lego Dimensions! The kids and I are having so much fun with it so far! Hoping to have my first win from one of these things!

  • Jayden Milojevic

    Am I the only one looking forward to this reboot of Ghostbusters?

    • Nik Davies

      Nope. I’ve very excited. I love Paul Feig’s work and Ghostbusters

  • Kuiosikle

    I am hoping for to a story pack for a franchise we haven’t heard about yet. Maybe a new movie or television series that wouldn’t otherwise get a stand alone Lego game.

  • jonikrthst

    Ghostbusters the way it should be, old and new characters playing together

  • Bjarke Ardal


  • coronakingdom

    Is this US only or can anyone join? Anyway, I can’t wait for the unveiling of Beetlejuice and the Powerpuff Girls. And I hope the Lego Batman Movie sets bring us new villains from Gotham City. 😉 Two-Face would be awesome!

    • dragongriffin13

      Two-Face is already a boss in the game. He’s riding a weaponized Oliphant from Middle Earth in “Painting the Town Black”.

      • coronakingdom

        The Wicked Witch is also a boss in the game and a figure to play (and Stay Puft, too, I’d guess, but I haven’t played the “Ghostbusters” levels yet), so I don’t think that would be an obstacle.

        • dragongriffin13

          Ah, I thought that you meant as an in-game boss, not a playable character.

  • Looking into getting into Dimensions and this is as good a place as any to start. 😀

  • Aser Molina

    Who you gonna call? Dimensions!

  • Helena Gardella

    Awesome give away! Thank you for the chance!

  • Nathanael Cole

    LEGO City Undercover should get a Story Pack!

  • Julio Duarte

    new wave is awesome

  • Naruffy-Kun

    I’m kinda hoping for Sonic to get a Story pack! I mean, we saw the Tornado below him, and I think Tails is above Vortech (this is in the recently released banner). If we could have somme 2d-3d Generations style action, that would be amazing.

  • TomAuton

    Looks good and a sign of other great things to come.

  • Christine

    Would love to see Star Trek get the lego treatment, that’s my dream scenario.

  • Disney Infinity Forever!

    Teen Titans Go!

  • Bob Sawyer

    My son is super excited about these new additions.

  • Kyle Cegielski

    I’m hoping we get Story Packs for Powerpuff Girls and/or The Lego Batman Movie. But if we can include franchises that aren’t in the game yet, then I’d like to see Story Packs for Steven Universe, Minecraft, or Undertale. Maybe I’m the only one, but I think Undertale Legos would be awesome

  • Luna x Mars

    Very rad of you to do this giveaway!

  • Tara

    Great giveaway! I hope we get a batcave build in a Lego Batman story pack

  • ScarecrowJC

    I’m curious though, the leaked list showed two Harry Potter packs, maybe the second one is a Dumbledore Fun Pack? If they had just done a general story pack to continue the Vortech story I would love that, just curious who it would come with, any good ideas?

  • Pablo Gallego

    I just want to see how all these new worlds will continue the story! Not just that getting all these exclusive minifigures, like Gremlins, ET, and Mission Impossible make it worth buying the whole game. LEGO really are outdoing themselves!

  • Cornelia Kuti Curry

    We are so excited about this coming out! So many cool characters that I grew up watching! Thanks for the opportunity to win 😅

  • James Chuang

    So excited! Moving on from Disney Infinity (RIP) to Lego Dimensions!

  • Sam

    I would like to see star trek, star wars, futurama, the professionals, torchwood, unit, robin hood and more 🙂

  • carnold

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Honestly I’m still holding out hope for a Disney Infinity resurrection…but until then, Lego dimensions is my new obsession!!!
    I’m really looking forward to the new story packs and hopefully E.T. or Beetlejuice will have a story level.

    • Lance Man

      I feel Lego Dimensions is far better than Disney Infinity. I was hoping you could play any character in any level in Disney Infinity but no you can’t, but with Lego Dimensions you can. Plus you get all these huge open worlds to explore, character interactions, gimmicks. Far more characters and franchises and vehicles and objects that have three different forms and loads of abilities compared to power discs. I love Disney Infinity and have a ton of that stuff but this is far more worth your time and money. I can see Lego already making plans for Lego Dimensions year 3 to include Marvel, Star Wars and maybe even Disney itself since Lego is now coming out with a Disney minifigures blind bags series. If that happens and we have those three franchises added to Lego Dimensions I don’t think any other toys for life game will come close to the content we will have in Lego Dimensions.

      • YoshiAngemon

        Let’s hope that we can get Roger Rabbit, as well, since it was HIS movie that teamed up Warner Bros. and Disney, first. Wreck-It Ralph had RoadBlasters, a game unlockable in this game,be responsible for Turbo’s jealousy and downfall. And the LEGO Movie had Batman (The LEGO Movie) steal a hyperdrive from Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. With the LEGO Batman Movie figure being The LEGO Movie’s Batman, it just makes sense that if Han were in the game, he’d remember Bats stealing the Hyperdrive.

  • SaburoDaimando

    If anything, I would love to see a Sonic-themed LEGO Stage for any LEGO character to go into.

  • I’d love for Sailor Moon to appear in Lego Dimensions!

  • CommanderRedJonkks

    Interested to see these Story Packs and what their content is like. Personally I hope that franchises from the previously released waves stand a chance of getting these types of packs too; many people seem to agree that Doctor Who, for example, had some of the best content in the base game and level packs, and as one of my favourite franchises in the game I’d be ecstatic to see a new big pack of Doctor Who content.
    Besides that, I’m excited to see what content Harry Potter will bring, and I hope it has at least a Level Pack if not a big Story Pack too.

    Thanks for having this giveaway to give people like me a chance to try this new type of pack when otherwise I mightn’t be able to. Entering optimistically even though I’ve never won anything in my life.

  • Sandy Toles

    I am so excited for the Harry Potter releases. Now how about a Star Wars story pack?

  • Darth_Raww

    Harry Potter is a no brainer, but I’m also looking forward to Gremlins, Goonies & Mission: Impossible!

  • Puppyguts

    I’m hoping that now that Disney has cancelled infinity (unfortunately) and specified that they no longer want to produce games in house, that maybe that’ll open the door for some Lego Star Wars and Disney characters in Dimensions soon!

  • Eddie

    Thanks For This!!

  • Louise Gardener

    Such amazing characters in lego Dimensions 2, I would love there to be Gremlins in the pack, are they out by Christmas in the UK?

  • bharting

    We would love to win this for my daughter.

  • Jerry Hoalt

    Great to see, really excited about how they’re doing this. So much better than other TTL games.

  • Monosocratic

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’m getting super excited for the new sets.

  • Rivers Hood (ThePacmanRacingSh

    I would like Lego City Undercover to get a story pack.

  • Lego21

    Excited for all the new characters! Especially Chase McCain.

  • Jaden Martinez

    I want there to be some anime figures!

  • Todd Oxtra

    My wallet is scared

  • Bjorn Osthed

    I would love a cool Gremlins Story Pack!

  • George Edwards

    I really hope that year 1 franchises, like Jurassic World, Scooby Doo, The Wizard of Oz, one pack wonders get more packs in year 2. But as for story packs… probably the franchise I would like a story pack for is most likely Lego City Undercover. That game, and especially its visuals we awesome and I would to play more of it.

  • Patrick Ramsey

    I am TOTALLY going for this! I’ve never one a giveaway before: maybe this can be the first! (Not getting my hopes up, though. :/)

  • Angie Gies

    Looks exciting and a must have for the future great giveaway

  • Darth Shlomo

    I can’t wait for these! 😀 I hope Beetlejuice will have a Level Pack. o.o

  • Keenan Fagan

    I really want The Goonies to have a Story Pack. That would be awesome!

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    I would love to see a One Piece anime story pack.
    Would be really great to see this happen.
    Thank you for the opportunity =)

    • YoshiAngemon

      LEGO never really does any official anime-based sets. And besides, One Piece is more of a T-Rated property, and they would have to get the 4Kids voices back together and really 4Kidsify the thing. I’d say I’ll pass on a One Piece LEGO.

  • Cecilya

    I would love an actual Harry Potter story pack, maybe with some cool magical creatures to defeat. A level for Sonic would also be awesome!

  • Andreia Lopes

    Would love to see Scooby Doo story pack.
    That animated series was a pure jewel and one of the best things I saw in my childhood 😀
    Thank you for letting me participate.

  • Bruno Mourão

    Thanks for the chance 😉
    Lego City Undercover would be awesome to have a story pack.
    This is such an awesome giveaway.

  • Dragons102

    would love to see a story pack based on either teen titans or…. yup im gunna say it, sonic the hedgehog! that would be awesome with a sonic and a shadow the hedgehog figures

  • Linda Flakes

    Ghost Busters

  • Stephanie Robbins


  • Heather Elizabeth Way

    great prize! Thanks!

  • MintaBoggs

    The Advengers!

  • William C

    Super excited for the Mission: Impossible Level Pack and of course the Harry Potter Team Pack!!! Imagine the dialogue between Gandald and Harry! xD

  • Trevor

    I want a Harry Potter story pack!!!!

  • amy deeter

    Looks great. i would love for the Gremlins to get a story pack

  • Tim

    Let’s see LEGO MacGyver!

  • Marcello

    Thanks for the chance

  • Tiny Jean

    These new set looks so interesting!

  • Derek Peake

    What time is it?! Time for me to win!!!

  • Devin Hartley

    I can’t wait to see the hub worlds for Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and Beetlejuice!

  • Nicholas Griel

    i need to comment to get an entry so I am

  • #PrayForOrlando

    I’m hoping for perhaps a Goonies Story Pack. That’d be awesome.

  • Lucas

    Can’t wait for this pack

  • Lucas

    I trying to collect all of the figures

  • juliecutshaw

    Indiana Jones story packs would be fun

  • legobrick223

    I want to congratulate whoever wins! I love Ghostbusters and the whole franchise, and I’m looking forward to the new movie, I know I won’t win this but to whoever does win congrats! Remember make sure you watch the new movie July 15!

  • Rowan Daly


  • ElisabethBehrns

    Id love a Adventure Time story pack ❤

  • Neal Heatherly

    I’d love a story pack for Doctor Who.

  • Lori Thomas

    I`m hoping for a Harry Potter story pack

  • peteferris

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love a gremlins story pack. go through both movies. but it looks like theyre going to be a team pack.

  • Joon

    Goonies, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Back to the Future brought me into this game now.

  • Ray C.

    I would really love to see more Doctor Who! I love what we got so far! On a side note I would like to thank you Jason! You introduced me to other toys to life franchises. Your excitement for Disney Infinity convenienced me to try Skylanders and Lego Dimensions! My nephew’s and I have never looked back. We are so excited for Harry Potter and The Fantastic Beasts. Thanks again!

  • Kevin Lewis

    I would love to play through the story of one my childhood favorites – I think The Goonies would be a fun mesh of puzzle solving – navigating through caves and maybe having each Goonie to swap through with an unique Skill set- Chunk’s truffle shuffle should defientlly make him grow to a huge transformation like Homer or Stay Puff. Gremlins is also very awesome – great set of new franchises this upcoming year! So excited!

  • Riley Bennett

    Dear Jason I love Lego Dimensions and if I win the contest I will be playing Lego dimensions everyday non stop so if I do win thank you so so so much btw you made me see how fun Disney infinity is and I thank you for that

  • Alex Jones

    I’d like to see a Disney Story Pack!

  • Carole Donald

    My nephew Nicholas sent me this link. He loves Lego Dimensions ! I love to win!

  • John H

    I’m very excited about all of the upcoming Lego Dimensions releases!

  • Charlie Carden

    give me LEGO STAR TREK! (CeeThree)

  • Really hoping Harry Potter gets a Story Pack, even though it’s unlikely

  • dmu_girl-2008

    I’m hopeing for a lego city undercover pack, I loved the wii u game and I just bought the 3ds game.

  • Melisa Snyder

    hope I win

  • guiseppi

    Can’t wait. Kids are excited already!

  • Debbie Moon

    The Goonies or the Gremilins would make a nice pack

  • Raul Cotto

    Thanks for giving us an awesome opportunity to win this!!!

  • Javier Romero

    I am really hoping for a marvel story pack but if not I’d like to see a back to to the future one. I was a little disappointed with how short the level pack was.

  • sandra

    x-men would be cool

  • Hepy Begum

    Would love to see Ghostbusters

  • birdpocalypse

    The Gremlins sets will be the best!

  • james gearon


  • Theodore

    I hope they do some Nickelodeon stuff like Avatar the last airbender and Lengends of korra I also would to see stuff from original Teen Titans like Terra Slade and Trigon

  • BowserJr.Dood

    Awesome can’t wait for Sonic

  • Travis Weaver

    I would love a Harry Potter story pack!

  • GerritSlak

    I’m hoping for a Story Pack with Lord Vortech.

  • Eltrut Likes

    I would like to see a Harry Potter Story Pack, but I doubt that will happen due to the story packs being new movie releases.

  • james gearon

    I need comments. to win

  • Frederico P. Antunes

  • Andrew Barton

    I want Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, and The LEGO Batman Movie!

  • jst4tim

    Thanks for the chance Jason. I think a Gremlins story pack would be cool.

  • I would LOVE to win this for my Lego loving son.

  • equia

    Hmm, I think I’d like to see a Justice League story pack. I think there would be a lot of potential for it, especially with the new movie coming out. Otherwise my biggest request would be for a Scooby Doo story pack, that way we could have the rest of the gang to play with!

  • Jarvis Kilpatrick

    I hope teen titans go is a story pack!

  • jwsbrick

    Star Wars Rebels Story Pack

  • Jacob

    I would love to see a story pack for Top Gun! Maverick, Ice Man, even Goose!

  • Devin Pelech


  • I want a Harry Potter story pack, a Toy Story pack and a Sonic Level pack.

  • Infinitize Plays

    A Ben 10 Story pack xD

  • AIKtheDragon

    Don’t care about how good the movie is but this set is awesome!

  • Joel

    Would love an ET story pack

  • Cyril Delery

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!! 😉

  • Erica Weaver

    i would love to see teen titans or pj mask

  • Zack


  • Andre

    What other franchise beyond Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts do I hope gets a Story Pack? Bring on some anime – Dragonball Z, One Piece or Naruto.

  • Daniel Schaefer

    I so hope this works for Canada. I hope the movie will be good but either way I’m going to buy this when it comes out if I don’t win

  • Bill Gainer


  • Joey

    I love the idea of these new Level packs. Playing the movie!

  • Rush

    I want so much! Especially DIsney figures maybe someday!

  • Michael Medeiros

    cool! i want them!

  • Krysykat

    Kind of want a J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) story pack, that would be awesome!

  • Beepela

    We NEED a Harry Potter story pack, no?

  • Chris Buchner

    I’m down. Hope they got Amell back to do the voice.

  • Jason

    Fingers crossed I win!

  • Harry

    Can’t wait to see who wins this 🙂

  • Patty Marquez

    my daughters love to put these Lego Packs together ! Hope we win we don’t have this one!

  • Ryan

    I would love to win these grand pieces of plastic.

  • Debbie Snell

    harry potter would be cool its fun magical and relevant in my opinion

  • Kojubat

    Someone has to win, right?

  • Windyshadow34

    I know it sounds weird but hear me out: Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Just imagine…

  • Brett Alexander

    I’m in a wait and see approach on seeing the actual movie, as the trailers released so far have been pretty poor, but this Dimensions set looks awesome!

  • Allyson Becker

    Twilight would be incredible.

  • Trevor

    Thanks again so much, Jason! I really hope I win- I love Lego dimensions and visit your site daily! I really hope they will make a Harry Potter pack that comes with some kind of actual level- instead of just an adventure world! Keep up the awesome posts and giveaways Jason!!!!