LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Pre-Orders Now Available, Vehicle & Gadget Rebuilds Detailed!


Now that retailers are putting up pre-orders for the LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 packs, we’re starting to get some more interesting tidbits. If you have Amazon Prime, don’t forget you can save 20% on all the packs at Amazon!

One of the interesting tidbits is that these descriptions detail the rebuilds for the vehicles and gadgets!

Head over to my main LEGO Dimensions Year 2 write-up for the primary descriptions for each pack.

Here are the vehicle and gadget rebuilds:

#71242 Ghost Busters Story Pack


  • Ecto 1 — Rebuilds into the Ectozer and The Perfecto

#71245 Adventure Time Level Pack


  • Jake Mobile — Rebuilds into Snail Dude Jake and Hover Jake
  • Ancient War Elephant —  Rebuilds into Cosmic Squid and Psychic Submarine

#71246 Adventure Time Team Pack


  • Lumpy Car — Rebuilds into Lumpy Truck and Lumpy Land Whale
  • BMO — Rebuilds into DOGMO and SNAKEMO

#71247 Harry Potter Team Pack


  • Hogwarts Express — Rebuilds into Steam Warrior and Soaring Steam Plane
  • Enchanted Car — Rebuilds into Shark Sub and Monstrous Mouth

#71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack


  • IMF Scrambler — Rebuilds into Shock Cycle and IMF Covert Jet
  • IMF Sport Car — Rebuilds into IMF Tank and IMF-Splorer

#71251 A Team Fun Pack


  • B.A.’s Van — Rebuilds into Fool Smasher and The Pain Plane

Thanks to @Sarvinator for the heads up! 

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