Potential Look At Some Unannounced LEGO Dimensions Figures In Advertisement Banner?

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We just got a huge announcement of LEGO Dimensions franchises and characters, but it’s never too early to start looking at some hints for new figures to come!

Now may be the time, thanks to a new promotional banner for the upcoming releases.

It is important to note, just because it is in this image, it doesn’t guarantee that it is a figure or will be released, but still interesting to talk about.

Here are some interesting things I found in the image:


You can clearly see Raven and Beast Boy on the left hand side. Beast Boy made an appearance in the LEGO Dimensions Year 2 trailer, but this is the first time we’ve seen Raven.

Thanks to the leaked codename list, we know there should be at least two Teen Titan packs released. Unfortunately no way to make 5 characters fit into 2 packs.

You would think at least Robin is a lock though, right?


In the top left corner you can see a police air vehicle which is a good guess will be one of the vehicles included in a LEGO City Undercover pack.

LEGO City was not one of the ones leaked in the set back leaks (unless it is a connectable, which we still don’t know what those are!)


Have to at least mention that Lord Voltron is pictured. Still think he would be a really fun LEGO minifigure, so perhaps one day!


Right above the “portal” in the logo, you can see the Goonies pirate ship!


Right below Sonic, you can see what looks like to be Tail’s biplane. Perhaps a Sonic and Tails Team Pack?

We know (at least) 1 sonic pack is coming thanks to the set codename leak.


Gizmo is the obvious choice to be in a Gremlins pack, but could Spike make an appearance as well? He’s shown in this image, which may just be a model of his “power up”.


Either way, exciting stuff is coming down for LEGO Dimensions! You can pre-order the next wave at Amazon right now and save 20% if you have prime!

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