GIVEAWAY: Win a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack!


It’s time for the summer of giveaways on my various websites, and here is the first one for LEGO Dimensions fans! Up first is your chance to win a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack on the system of your choice.

Remember LEGO Dimensions Waves 5 through 9 does not require a new starter pack (and there may not be a new one anyways!). So the starter pack out now is all you need to enjoy any of the LEGO Dimensions packs.

To enter, simply use the giveaway widget below or you can always go directly to the dedicated page by clicking here.

If you are on mobile, you may see a giant button that says “click here!”

Don’t forget to come back each day as there are a lot of daily entries!

And of course, don’t forget to enter my Splatoon amiibo, Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack, or the Finding Dory Play Set and Nemo Figure for Disney Infinity giveaways either.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

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  • The T

    I love the weird mix of characters and ability to mix them as you please.

  • I was hoping to win the other two giveaways to have more LEGO to work with, but I guess the starter pack is as good as any place to start.

  • Daniel Yerkes

    What I liked best about year one was the vast number of franchises they released in the initial wave.

  • YoshiAngemon

    I already have the starter pack, so the contest is irrelevant to me. Same goes for my sister. Maybe my other sister could use a starter set…

  • Karl Besser

    I loved all the different franchises that could play together as one.

  • Devin Pelech

    Would love a starter set

  • Eddie

    Favorite Part about Season (Series) One is that Lego Ddimensions is the first in general Toys to Life game that let you plays as characters for different brands altogether whenever you wanted. Ground Breaking!!

  • William C

    Already have beat the game on PS3, but am going to be starting on my new PS4, so I’ll need the new Starter Pack!

  • bowers28

    I loved flying in the Tardis.

  • The Arsenal

    My favorite part about LEGO Dimensions Year 1 was the Back to The Future Content. The Characters, vehicles, and hub world were awesome to play with and explore!

  • Neal Heatherly

    My favorite thing about LEGO Dimensions Season 1 was finally effectively getting a LEGO Doctor Who game.

  • FatmanOSU


  • James Chuang

    Love that you can use anyone anytime. Disney Infinity’s downfall.

  • CommanderRedJonkks

    If I were to enter this from Australia, would it be the right version to work on my console if I won?

  • JakeTheJailbird

    I loved the sheer variety

  • carnold

    My favorite aspect of season 1 was collecting all the sets and mix & matching them in the game. I can’t wait for season 2 and do the same thing again!!

  • Patrick Oakes

    Hope to win

  • Kimba Oakes

    Hope to win

  • I could really use this. I want it so bad! All of these characters look amazing, and I can’t wait for the Sonic and Harry Potter ones 😀

  • Good luck everyone! This is a really fun game!

  • Ben Rollman

    I’ve been collecting for 30 years and I’ve yet to get Dimensions. I think I’d go broke if I started. But I want to so bad.

  • Kyle

    Best thing about season 1 was getting a sequel and official Portal Legos!

  • Tweety

    Back to the Future and Simpsons!

  • Jus10

    Season one’s best aspects were Portal 2 and Back to the Future!

  • Favorite thing about LEGO Dimensions’ first year has to be the Midway Arcade. It was more than the usual LEGO game formula: It had classic games within the game! It was cool to see what’s possible in Dimensions, and look forward to what they do in Year 2!

  • Anthony Paldino

    My favorite aspect of season 1 was Batman. Enough said…

  • Troy

    Always have awesome contests! I just never win Lmbo

  • Allison Lesley

    I havnt gotten to play the Lego Dimensions yet. I dont own it but I adore all of the stand alone games. I just stared Lego Star Wars Force Awakens

  • Cory

    Looking forward to playing lego dimensions. Looks really fun!

  • Matt South

    Thank you Jason for all you do for our community

  • Bobthefirst

    My son and I have really enjoyed Disney Infinity. Now that it’s canceled, we’ll be picking up LEGO Dimensions. Winning the starter pack would be a nice way to begin the journey, of course!

  • James Irish

    Another contest, another blog post! I honestly haven’t bought any of Season One, but the very concept of the Midway Arcade fun pack and the corresponding world is a dream come true.

  • watchthesky

    Would love to win this for my nephew. He’s gotten bored with Disney Infinity and now that there aren’t any new ones coming he’ll need a new thing to obsess about.

  • Bjorn Osthed

    My favorite thing was Doctor Who in season 1

  • Nathanael Cole

    My favorite part of Season 1 was getting to explore Hill Valley as LEGO Marty and Doc! It was very timely too, releasing before October 2015 😉

  • Joe Uhler

    Been wanting to play this franchise.Sadly with the death of infINity, I’ll be able to soon…I hope >8^)

  • I just really want this and cant afford it so i hope i get it ? Would be something to look forward to

  • Frederico P. Antunes


  • Really excited!!!!!

  • Komonster

    I’ve never played Dimensions (having thrown my lot in with Infinity, poor choice I suppose…) but I’d say favorite thing would be bringing together all the disparate properties into one game.

  • Brandon Sparks

    Mixing and matching them all for sure..

  • Travis Weaver

    My favorite thing about Lego Dimensions Season 1 was bringing all of the many different franchises together in this game to create a great mixing and matching experience! Thanks for this giveaway Jason!

  • Mark

    My favorite thing about season 1 was definitely Back to the Future!

  • Daniel

    I haven’t played Lego Dimensions, although I’d love too, but my favorite aspects of season 1 are that the characters aren’t limited to their own story, and the “Wizard of Oz” portion of the game.