LEGO Dimensions Confirms Fan Speculaton, Supergirl Coming to PS4 Exclusive Starter Pack


We’ve known Supergirl was coming to LEGO Dimensions since March and we even saw her show up in a parts list for the Playstation 4 Starter Pack.

But it’s been a mystery how LEGO was planning on releasing this superhero.

After she was absent from E3, ComicCon, etc., many feared she would indeed come packed in a new Starter Pack.

Today, those suspicions were confirmed.

LEGO Dimensions will be releasing the Supergirl figure exclusively in a Playstation 4 Starter Pack on September 27th for a “limited time”.

It is available for pre-order now for a price of $89.99.

Though don’t fear yet, as the trailer mentions Super Girl is available in the PS4 Starter Pack “exclusively through 3/28/16“. So perhaps it will be available widely in a future wave.

Here is the full release:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today at Gamescom that starting in late September 2016, LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs for Sony PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system will include an exclusive, bonus DC Comics Supergirl LEGO minifigure for a limited time.  The highly collectable Supergirl LEGO minifigure has many extraordinary in-game abilities to help solve puzzles and battle enemies, including Super Strength, Flying, X-Ray Vision, and Beam Attacks which enable her to shoot heat beams out of her eyes.  She can also transform into Supergirl Girl Red Lantern with additional abilities such as firing powerful Red Lantern energy bolts and energy beams from the Red Lantern Ring and forming Red Lantern Energy Constructs. 

If you don’t want to buy another Starter Pack, but do want to play as Supergirl, she will be available in the “Hire-a-Hero” feature starting in 2017.

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  • YoshiAngemon

    But I already have the PS4 Version. I just can’t get Supergirl. Can’t she and Green Arrow come in a special Team Pack with NO Vehicles/Gadgets, at a cheaper price than $25? I want that same feeling of getting a timed exclusive figure, just like I did when I got Boba Fett for Disney Infinity 3.0.

  • Nik Davies

    Green Arrow and Supergirl have been handled so poorly. As a loyal customer who bought the starter pack day one (and on PS4), you’re not rewarded at all.
    As the person says below, they better release in a Team Pack of some sort

  • Jerry Hoalt

    Agreed, there needs to be some other way to get them. TtL games are also about collect-ability. When figs are out of reach you push away loyal customers

  • Agent 86

    Has Lego actually confirmed that Supergirl will be made available through a Level or Team Pack after 28 March 2017? Or is it just wishful thinking that Supergirl will see a wider release?
    IF there were more options to play as a female DC superhero other than Wonder Woman (or Harley Quinn if she can be counted as an anti-hero), then this exclusive wouldn’t be so disappointing and aggravating.

    • jonikrthst

      ^^^ THIS – I haven’t seen any confirmation that either figure will appear outside of these exclusives. LEGO is really showing loyal Dimensions fans a huge amount of disrespect.

  • jonikrthst

    Let’s face it, both of these figures are just a giant screw you to the loyal customers who have been with Dimensions since launch.

    Reissue a year old starter with a seemingly rare and exclusive Supergirl figure? Money grab. Only include it in the starter for one platform? Are you kidding???

    Then you release another exclusive Green Arrow figure, after you made Green Arrow a very rare SDCC figure 3 years ago, and you still haven’t included him in any regular LEGO set? We must be idiots for putting up with this nonsense.