LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Achievements and New Screenshots!


The 6th wave of LEGO Dimensions products is coming out in just under 3 weeks, and now we have a look at the new achievements for those packs. Since these achievements are from the Xbox One listing, we also get some fresh screenshots as well.

Remember, every LEGO Dimensions Level Pack will include new achievements for you to unlock.

Unfortunately, although the Story Pack is a lot longer than a level pack, it still will only include three achievements. Though, LEGO’s hands may be tied due to the trophies/achievement regulations that are set in place by Microsoft and Sony.

But here are the new LEGO Dimensions achievements you can unlock starting September 27th. Thanks to for the list!

Ghostbusters Story Pack ($49.99)

Avoided The Cataclysm 50
Complete all of the levels in the Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack
Quest Busters 5
Complete any quest in the Ghostbusters (2016) Adventure World
Rule-Breaking the Barrier 20
Achieve the ”Rule Breaker” stud goal in any Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack level

Mission Impossible Level Pack ($29.99)

Mission: Accomplished 50
Complete ‘Mission: Impossible’
Good Morning, Mr Hunt… 5
Achieve the ”Rule Breaker” stud goal in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ level
Wouldn’t have it any other way 20
Collect any Minikit in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ level

Adventure Time Level Pack ($29.99)

The fun will never end! 50
Complete ‘A Book and a Bad Guy’
Mathematical! 5
Achieve the ”Rule Breaker” stud goal in the ‘A Book and a Bad Guy level
Another for the Treasure Room! 20
Collect any Minikit in the ‘A Book and a Bad Guy’ level

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