WIN: All LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Fun, Team, and Level Packs From


UPDATE: Winner has been selected


The release of LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 is fast approaching, and to celebrate I’m giving away five packs from this wave.

Remember LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 releases on September 27th and contains the following:

I’ve previously given away the Ghostbusters Story Pack, so now you can win the remaining packs in one big swoop. As far as the Supergirl Starter Pack… stay tuned!

So how do you win these five packs? Easy! Simply enter with the giveaway widget below or enter via the dedicated giveaway page.

Remember, you can earn entries every day, so keep coming back!

NOTE: The giveaway is open to residents in the United States and will be selected on September 26th!

LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Fun, Team, and Level Packs

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  • Matt Stein

    Jason is a giver of great toys!

  • Patrick Oakes


  • John Bernardo

    oh thank you lego god! rain it down on me with your level packs!

  • Josh Kumer

    Awesome! Hope I win! 🙂

  • sporeboy100

    Adventure Time team pack

  • richard kerr

    looking forward to mission impossible the most out of wave 6 but I’d say the A-team fun pack is a close second.with the adventure time fun pack taking 3rd place

  • Nathanael Cole

    Mission Impossible Level Pack

  • Devin

    Yes please

  • Ashley Carnifax

    I’m definitely looking forward to Harry Potter the most!

  • Noah Davis

    I never win these like ever. I wonder how they work

  • lefty22

    Ghostbusters looks fun! Thanks for giveaway!

  • Pablo Gallego

    Well hopefully I can pull a win here!!! Let’s hope so!!! Wave 6 here we go!!!

  • Harry Potter!

  • ScarecrowJC

    Haha I have pre ordered all but the Adventure Time team pack anyway, oh well may as well enter and try to win anyways!

  • AJ Lee

    Thank you for the giveaway, we are most excited for the Ghostbusters set!! Wondering how the add on base is going to work out exactly

  • MrDad Gamer

    Excited for A-Team

  • awesome giveaway!

  • C. Pollak

    Exciting Give away

  • C. Pollak

    Excited for the new add ons it is my childhood in lego form.

  • Julio Duarte

    keep up with the gieaways

  • Marcus Eyre

    That’s awesome! Here’s to Brick Inquirer – and to the winner!

  • Isabella


  • Joey

    Ooh! So anxious about this! Haven’t pre-ordered any yet, but will have to buy most of them if I don’t win this. So excited for B.A.! I pity the foo’ who isn’t excited for him. 😉

  • Jerry Cundiff

    Harry Potter!

  • Can’t wait for the Harry Potter packs to come out!

  • Travis Weaver

    I’m most excited for the Harry Potter team pack! Thanks for doing this giveaway Jason!

  • Nathan Narragon

    Thank you for the contest. Always a fan of your site.

  • Mike Gist

    Pretty Awesome I love legos just as much as my son… Thanks

  • Ash

    A most excellent giveaway!! Would absolutely love to win ♡♡

  • Mike Higbee

    Can’t wait for the new waves!

  • Mace Scott

    Man, if I could win this, I’d die happy, and my zombie would have to enjoy them for me. 😛

    • Mace Scott

      I’m most excited for the A-Team and I’m a little sad to see how few people are saying it’s the one they’re most excited for. I pre-ordered B.A. in Jun, ha ha, and I can’t wait to get him and the Story Pack (bought ’em at a heavily discounted price, of course). 😛

  • Bobthefirst

    Definitely interested in Harry Potter!

  • Darth_Raww

    Everything but Adventure Time (never seen it).

  • The T

    Mission Impossible seems like a weird enough thing.

  • Shannon

    I’m most excited for Harry Potter and the new Ghostbusters!

  • William C

    Super hyped for M:I and Harry Potter!

  • Ebakthecat

    Oh yes, I cannot wait for this, Harry Potter as well as the new ghostbusters kit is what I am waiting for.

  • Jerry Hoalt

    Adventure Time!!

  • Lyle Malters


  • George Edwards

    Great. I live in the UK so, no giveaways for me 😢

  • Joshua Vahalik

    Can’t wait to play all the packs, especially Adventure Time!!!!

  • FatmanOSU

    Harry Potter stuff

  • BowserJr.Dood

    Mission Impossible sounds fun.

  • Alex Kreitner

    Very excited about the new wave, thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  • Devin Hartley

    So excited! Just completed my Year 1 collection! Can’t wait for Adventure Time!

  • carnold

    Harry potter is the franchise I am most excited to see join Lego dimensions! Let the count down begin…14 days till its go time!!

  • Kimba Oakes

    Need to win!!!

  • James Irish

    Would love to win these and save some cash!

  • Jonathan Baenziger

    Most excited about the Adventure Time packs.

  • Tammy Iler

    Definitely Harry Potter!

  • MBB Three

    I’m most excited for the Harry Potter Team Pack, though I’m super excited for the Adventure Time packs as well! 😀 😀

    • MBB Three

      Btw I only have the Ninjago Team Pack and the Sensei Wu Fun Pack to go for Year 1 (which is odd bc Ninjago is my favorite Lego product). Anyone know where I could get a good deal on them? (Oh yeah, and I don’t have Green Arrow either, though he’s technically Year 2. 🙁 😛 )

  • Chris Hawes

    Can’t wait for the Gremlins packs. Is it wrong that I want to play a level with a lot of water first with it?

  • Awesome! Super looking forward to the new story packs! That, and the new Adventure Time stuff! Good luck all!

  • Jus10

    I’m most excited for adventure time because that means we’ll probably get actual LEGO Sets with that franchise

  • Daniel Schaefer

    I can’t wait to play through the Adventure Time level and then run through the Wizard of Oz as Finn, Jake and LSP

  • Justin Wilson

    Most excited for Harry Potter!

  • Patrick M Fletcher

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Mario Sanchez

    Mr. T Lego figure is what I’m anxious about!

  • Gina Ferrell

    I’m most excited about Adventure Time Team pack! I can’t wait to see what others they add. LEGO’S are a big hit in my house.

  • YoshiAngemon

    I may have pre-ordered Finn, but I won’t get the others. I DO want to win, even if it means trying to get 1000 entries. That’s physically impossible.

  • Matt

    Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoons of this generation, which means anything Adventure Time is mathematical to me!

  • Zack

    Harry Potter all da way.

  • Scott Wisnom

    Harry Potter!

  • Erica Weaver

    i would have to say the ghostbuster pack love them growing up

  • Joey Larson

    I can’t wait fro the adventure time sets.

  • Mike Erickson

    From Wave 6, I’m most excited for Harry Potter, but I’m really looking forward to the Gremlins & ET packs in Wave 7.

  • Amy Deeter

    These look great. i am most excited for the adventure time pack

  • Morellopocalypse

    Hyped for Lumpy Space Princess

  • Taylor Ellis

    Adventure time looks awesome